Samuel A Gunderson
Telecommunications professional - Voice, Data, Networkin


 When asked what motivates Samuel A. Gunderson, there is a powerful image that flashes in my mind. Yes, that's my daughter Elli. In my opinion, she is absolutely beautiful.  So, it seemed appropriate to share that with everyone who views this page. This site is for you to learn more about the life and interests of Samuel A. Gunderson, but check out the pictures above. 


Professionally, I am a highly motivated individual with excellent technical aptitude, specifically in network provisioning, design, network operations, and general IT consulting. In 2005, I received an Outstanding Service Award in 2005 from my current employer, for my work in the Network Operations Center (NOC).  In the NOC, I was responsible for monitoring the company’s voice and data network, responding to alarms and outages, resolving switch and network problems, trunk group translations modifications, ANI and toll free builds, switched traffic routing changes, among many other daily network operations activities. I moved on to the role of Network Provisioner in November 2005.